Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Uncle Benny took a trip to come see us a couple of weeks ago. While he was here, he brought his camera and took some family pictures! Here's a full family photo, a picture of the far...and Aunt B and Mama and the babies coming in the fall! Check out more pics on our slideshow that we've added! Thanks, Uncle Benny Moreno!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Trip to Deep Creek Lake Beach!

We had so much fun this afternoon at Deep Creek Lake beach! Ingrid squealed "Beach!" the whole way there! Unfortunately, it took us a while to get there. It's about a 10 minute drive, but Papa and Mama had to go to the bank first (where she got a sucker as well as a couple of chocolate kisses from the tellers while we were doing our thing...), and then Mama was REALLY hungry, so we stopped and got her a sandwich. Feeling bad, we got Ingrid's favorite -- chocolate milk! We FINALLY got to the beach with a squealing Ingrid who was so excited that she was kicking her feet and clapping as she said "Goin' to the beach!" We pulled up to the little house where they collect the fee to get in and realized we didn't have enough we had to go back to the ATM! All this time, Ingrid was so sweet and was so patient while we took our really long drive to the beach. We got the cash and fought the traffic out of the gas station and headed back to the beach. Andrew and I talked on the way about how sweet and patient and quiet Ingrid had been during our detours. We gave the girl our money to get into the beach, found a nice, shady parking space, and stopped the car. We turned around to Ingrid and said, "We're at the beach!"...only to realize she was fast asleep! Oh well. We sat in the nice shady car and talked while she slept for a while. Eventually, she woke up (only about 1/2 hour later...) and we went down to the beach where she and Andrew played in the waves and sand while Elizabeth sat on the shady grass and read her book until Ingrid was so cold that her lips were blue and she was shivering in the cool breeze. It took some tears, but we finally got Ingrid changed into dry clothes and we came back home. It's storming now, and we're enjoying a nice, quiet evening at home. Ingrid is already looking forward to her next trip to the beach! I think we've got a girl who LOVES to be outside! Uncle Eric and Aunt Colleen would be so proud... :) Stay tuned for the next episode in the Ingrid Chronicles...