Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ingrid's new Dora bike!

Gramma Camra (Pam Nelson) and Uncle Eric and Aunt Colleen send Ingrid an early birthday present! Her new Dora the Explorer bicycle and My Little Pony helmut are a huge hit! She wears the helmut around "just in case" she wants to ride her bicycle... :) And though she's still figuring out how the pedals work, she loves to have Papa push her on the bike. We brought it to the farm and she rode it non-stop! She's figuring out how to steer it, too! She's such a big girl! Thanks, Gramma Camra and Uncle Eric and Aunt Colleen for the bicycle and helmut!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our prayers are with you, Minneapolis...

Andrew, Ingrid, and I want to extend our prayers to all who were affected by the bridge collapse yesterday evening. Watching pictures on CNN of a bridge we'd crossed possibly hundreds of times is haunting. We know that God is there now as God surely was when the tragedy happened. We are praying for the recovery workers and those who are comforting the families of those missing.
We are also praying that those we know and love are safe and sound, as this bridge is a major road on which anyone could be traveling, as we did so often. We would love to hear from our Minneapolis friends, especially if we can pray more specifically for anyone.
We love you.