Saturday, February 14, 2009

Super Why! (oh why oh why...)

The other day, I was telling Rowan to "get out, get out, get out!" of the bathroom. :) We usually make it a fun little game where I kind of chase him out of the room he's not supposed to be in and he chants "out, out, out" with me. Cute. ;)

However, this day, instead of chanting the cute little "out, out, out!" with me, after I told him "out, out, out!" he looked up at me and said,


Oh my Lord. I don't think I can handle TWO "super whys" in my house!!!!! I was completely bewildered.

Now, it's MY turn. "Why, Lord, why?"


Friday, February 6, 2009

Words, words, words...

After posting yesterday's post, I started to wonder just how many words Rowan knows... I was worried that my estimate of 40-50 words was way off, so Andrew and I listed them out--and I was right on! Here's the list along with his pronunciations:

1. excuse
2. me (together with #1 - "mu-me." - used in context!)
3. hello ("hewo" -- soooo cute!)
4. mama (unfortunately, he's replaced Papa with Mama...hmmm...)
5. bye-bye
6. night-night ("nigh-night")
7. bottle (usually "bob-bull")
8. Bella ("ba-ba" - same as Ingrid used to say!)
9. bites ("bies" - replaced "more")
10. please ("peeeeeees" - usually accompanied by the sign)
11. no
12. yes (so cute--actually sounds like "yes" with a nod of the head)
13. phone ("bone" - but he usually says "hewo" when he sees a phone)
14. juice ("doooos")
15. knock-knock (as in the joke-"kno-knock")
16. Pooh
17. hat (usually says "a-hat" - he's really into hats right now!)
18. Grandad ("dan-dad")
19. Granny ("nee-nee")
20. Elijah ("ijah")
21. Sissy ("iss-iss")
22. Papa ("ba-ba" - with the "b" between a b and a p sound)
23. outside ("ut-sigh")
24. eyes
25. ear ("air")
26. nose ("news")
27. ah-choo!
28. Pee-hew! ("b - hugh")
29. wild
30. west (together with #29 in a song "Wild-wild west" - he sings it all!)
31. Elmo ("mel-mo")
32. on
33. in (sounds a bit like "on")
34. uh-oh
35. shoes (not sure how to write this, but it sounds like all "ssss" with a bit of a lisp. So cute!)
36. push (his favorite thing to do is push things around -- especially if it has wheels!)
37. horse ("howse")
38. baby (as well as yo-baby - his favorite yogurt)
39. paci (sounds like "a-pass" or "patti")
40. read
41. book (together with #40 usually -- sounds like "wee-a-boo")
42. toot-toot (means "train")
43. gentle ("den-too")
44. diaper ("bigh-poo")
45.'s cold! ("'s toll!")
46. table
47. help ("hep!" - usually sounding quite dramatically desperate)
48. rock (as in the rocking chair--he says "wot, wot...wot, wot")
49. Isaac ("eyes-iss")
50. What's that? ("whas-at?")

These are new words from just this morning!
51. lights ("ights")
52. cup ("bup")


Ingrid is starting to read! She recognizes most of our names and several others. She sounds out almost any "at" word and can read some other words (not just memorized) in the story "Green Eggs and Ham." She can count to 20, too! Next is working on writing her name and how to spell it by herself... I'm sure it won't take long... :)

I'm so proud of my kids. They're just really good people...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's February already!

It's February. And it's still snowing. It's been pretty snowy and cold this winter. Several days in the past month, school has been cancelled due to below zero wind chill. This morning, I cancelled my morning Kindermusik class due to cold! :}

It's Thursday, and Andrew had to go to Fairmont for work today and Ingrid goes to preschool on Thursdays, so it's just Rowan and me home today. I'm enjoying my Thursdays. I can get caught up after a marathon day on Wednesdays (preschool music classes and Fairmont voice lessons). We're starting a new Kindermusik class on Thursday evenings. Rowan gets a morning Kindermusik class with Mama and Ingrid gets one in the evening! I'm enjoying alone time with both of them, playing music and dancing in class. I feel blessed to be able to do this for them and their little friends! :)

Before Andrew took Ingrid to preschool on his way out this morning, I took a video. She was making up really funny songs, but once the video started, she forgot what she was doing. But it's a cute video anyway. Here it is:

Rowan is so funny. He's still an easy-going guy, although he sure knows what he wants! Not sure if that's easy-going, now that I think about it, but he's so easily re-directed and so happy about life that his self-assuredness isn't pushy... He sure knows how to tear things apart, though! He can trash a room in RECORD time!! But he's sooooo happy about doing it, it doesn't make me too crazy. :)

The other day, I was getting him out of the car for Kindermusik class, and he looked at me and said, "Knock, knock." He even got the "k" sound! :) I laughed and said it back to him in disbelief. He frowned and said, "Oooo's dere?" I laughed and laughed!

Later, he looked at me and said, "Knock, knock." I said, "Who's there?" He said, "Pooh." I said, "Pooh-who?" And he crinkled up his face nose-to-nose with me and laughed!! Ever since then, that's his signature joke. I'm trying to get him to say, "Don't cry!" as a punchline, but he doesn't seem to think it needs one. :)

I can't wait to hear what else he has to say to us... Hmmm... Or maybe I can... :)

Anyway, here's a little video of just a few words he can say. He has a vocabulary of probably 40-50 words right now. And he has a new one for us every day! He surprises me daily. Here he is saying a few: