Friday, April 18, 2008

April Showers Bring May flowers...

They say that when you begin to despair, you know the night's going to pass away soon! And so it is with potty training!
Ingrid is finally going to the potty! I knew that we had at least 4 days where one of us would be with her, so on Wednesday morning, I decided after I took off Ingrid's wet diaper from the night before, that I wasn't going to put it back on. I told her this...and she went to the potty!! Two days later, she's still going (albeit with a pull up during the night and when we go out in public...but she still asks to go to the potty before she goes!)! Hooray! Only one pack of diapers from here on out! She's such a smart kid. I'm so proud of her.

I'm sure it's a little wierd to some of you that I'm putting this on the Internet, but I know a few of you will be hitting this time of life soon, so I thought I'd share it... I texted my sisters and hubby as soon as she successfully went to the potty--complete with a picture! Hey, you've gotta celebrate the little things in life!

I started out having her sit on the potty while she watched Sesame Street. I gave her popcorn to eat and we talked and laughed and played. The potty was a fun place to sit! Then, I started giving her full glasses of chocolate soy milk to get her to have to pee... When Sesame Street was over (and she hadn't peed yet...), We turned the timer on (timers are our friends... :) ) and for 5 minutes, she sat on the potty and for 5 minutes we played catch or dolls or something. Then the potty again. This kept her mind on the potty so she didn't forget about it. I had to help her the first time, but after she peed on the floor twice and I didn't make a big deal over making a mistake, she started going by herself!

At first, I kept her underwear off completely to make it easier, but then I let her get out the Sesame Street underwear that Gramma Camra had given her a while ago and she didn't find it too hard to figure out. And I weeded out that she was afraid that she would make a mistake and wasn't sure how I'd react. I watched her face change from trembly chin to a big smile when I told her that it was OK that she hadn't made it the first time. Amazing to think what an impact a mother can have on her daughter's outlook on life. Kinda scary...No, REALLY scary...

Who knew you could be so proud of your little girl because she went pee?
So, she's at home with Papa today as I'm in Fairmont teaching and seems to be doing just fine. I hope we've turned a corner... Now, the big P word (Poo...). We'll have to see how that goes... I've heard it's not exactly the same deal as going #1. (I keep thinking there should be a way to play with words here, but nothing's coming to me...) More to come on that. :)

Well, my little angel boy is now over 7 months old! He had been sick so much last month that I decided to wait until he was completely better to get him his shots for his 6 month check-up. So, at 7 months, we went to Dr. Garrett. Here are his stats. [Drumroll, please....]
He's gained 2 1/2 pounds -- he's 17 1/2 lbs now!
He's grown 3 1/2 inches! -- he's 27 inches long!
(we're thinking he got a little hawthorne in him--Andrew's Mom's side...They're tall and skinny.)
Dr. Garrett says that she's going to stay on his good side because he's going to be a big boy.

Yesterday was such a BEAUTIFUL day in McHenry. And the grass is plush and green outside our apartment, so we sat Rowan in the sun to give him some Vitamin D...and I got some great pics! He loved wiggling his toes in the grass and pulling it out. He didn't like laying on his tummy, though... Anyway, enjoy!

I don't know what he thought he lost, but he was looking all over for it... :)

Here's a pic of Rowan and his silly big sister -- you can see how tall he is compared to Ingrid...Those pants are supposed to be long legged pants, not high-waters! :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Holy Water and Baby Boys

So, Rowan is now officially baptized. Godfather Benny Moreno and Godmother Aunt B (Rebecca) attended his baptism at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church on Holy Saturday night. What a COOL service. Father Chip (well, just Chip, really...) did such a good job charging us to examine our faith and lives and also reminding us (and Rowan's godparents) that it is our job to bring up Rowan to do the same. They gave us a BEAUTIFUL certificate and each of the godparents got a little card telling them of their duties and responsibilities. Rowan also got a special candle lit from the paschal candle that Chip told us to light every year on the anniversary of his baptism (March 22nd) and to celebrate his baptism every year because it is even more important than his birthday. It was great to have family around us and Benny and Rachel in town. Here are a few pics, although Rachel took pictures that might be better, but we don't have those yet... We'll post some of those as soon as we get them. I'm sure they're great, too!

Godparents "Uncle" Benny and Aunt B with Mama, Papa, and Rowan

Rev. Dr. Chip Lee -- or Chip -- and Rowan, the newest member of the Body of Christ!

Granny, Grandad and a rare sober picture of Rowan...Isn't he the cutest?

Ingrid has a HUGE crush on Chip. She runs and gives him hugs every Sunday, and she wanted his attention that night... Chip is sweet on Ingrid, too. :)

So, last Saturday, Rebecca, Mom and I went to a 12-hour scrapbooking day (we all got there late, but were there most of the day--until 9:30pm or so...) and since Brian was working, Rebecca had to bring Isaac. Since I'm still breastfeeding for the most part, I thought I'd just bring Rowan (instead of stopping to pump, I'd just feed him) and then the boys could play while the Moms scrapbooked. Fortunately, Granny brought the camera and we captured their playing. They were SOOOOOOO good! Everyone was completely floored with how they played so nicely for HOURS. They only fussed a couple of times and they were fine once they were given food or took a nap. Rowan is so laid back. I'm so glad to have him... How blessed we are.


I LOVE to eat faces! Get over here!

You eat my face, I'll eat your arm... Gimme that!

Little peeking piggy toes...

What fun life is! More to come soon...