Monday, August 25, 2008

What Would Jesus Do?

So, Andrew was feeding the kids tonight while I was in Cheat Lake doing a Kindermusik class. He was busy feeding Rowan in his high chair, leaving Ingrid to eat her dinner beside him independently as usual in her booster seat.

At one point, Andrew looked over at Ingrid and saw her licking her pink Care Bears placemat. He told her not to lick her placemat. Big kids don't lick their placemats.

She said, "Yes they do. Big kids lick their placemats all the time!"

Andrew said to name one big kid that licks his placemat.

Ingrid said, "Jesus."

Andrew said, "Are you telling me that Jesus licks his placemat when he eats?"

Ingrid--without batting an eye--said, "Yes. Jesus told me to do it," and continued licking her placemat.

Seriously, I have no idea where that came from. Truly and honestly.

All I can say is, "Jesus, help us."

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yard Sale Blues...

We had a yard sale this weekend. I sold some baby stuff (not everything...I didn't have time or energy to get through EVERYTHING.) and made about $50. I choked back the tears all weekend... Silly how "stuff" can mean so much, but all the sleepless nights, sweet-smells of babies, and the exquisite feeling of a baby sleeping on my chest were almost tangible as I sold my babies' clothes to other mommies and grandmas. Each $.50 piece of clothing had a prayer that went with it...

The saddest part of my Friday was when I sold 3 flannel baby blankets to a local farmer to use as grease rags! I literally almost cried in front of him! I've kicked myself several times for doing it, but half of me also says that I need to separate my memories from my stuff. After all, my babies' babyhood is NOT in those blankets. Neither are the memories.

So, as I reflect on my babies...and grapple with their independence from me...I pray that God will show me how to find my worth in God, not in whether my children need me...and that God would show me God's plan for my life... I know God is faithful. Now, I just want to be.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rowan is walking!

So, my baby is on his way to not being my baby anymore... *sigh* He's walking! Well, he still thinks it's a game--he loves it when he can run into your hug--but he doesn't use it as a functional way to get around yet. I have to say, it will be nice to let him down outside or when we're in a public place instead of carrying him because the ground is dirty... But mostly, I want to stop time. I have cherished every single day with him and every milestone and hug--and somehow I thought that would make time go slower... Or it would prolong his baby-ness. Alas, babies grow up...

While Andrew and Rebecca and I were doing theatre this summer, the kids were all taken care of by Granny and Grandad and Aunt Anita and the girls. It was a wonderful time for all of them. Isaac and Rowan are buddies now, and the family got to know all of them better. It was great. Here's a video that shows Rowan and Isaac when they stayed at the farm one day while we were at the theater...

Rowan is also trying to talk. He doesn't say much that's intelligible, but he sure has lots to say! ;) Here, you'll hear him call for our dog, Bella, who lives at the farm with Granny and Grandad. He also LOVES to get into Granny's kitchen cabinets. There are several that just have pots and pans and cookie sheets and stuff in them that Mom lets him empty out. Fun, fun! :)

Isaac is eating in this video, but you should see them wrestle one another when they're both crawling around! Usually, I have to admit, Rowan is the one knocking Isaac over and playing Isaac's little head like a drum... I thought Kindermusik might be a good thing for him... Apparently, he's decided that anything makes a great drum! Oh well...