Thursday, November 27, 2008

What we're thankful for...

This is Ingrid's list of things she's thankful for:
1. Elijah
2. Julia
3. Nicole
4. Papa
5. Mama
6. Rowan
7. "Me (Ingrid starts with I...)" (direct quote...)
8. that I can dance
9. that I can make this sound "bbbthhhh"
10. "twirl, twirl, twirl" (again, a direct quote...)

11+ Yesterday, she said she was thankful for "all her family in Minnesota". Awwww....
She also said that she was glad that Jesus had a house (churches) that little kids with no warm house could stay in when it snows. AWWWW....!

This is Rowan's list of things he's thankful for (and these are also direct quotes...albeit with a little coersion...):
1. "Papa"
2. "Mama"
3. "Bellbow" (Elmo)
4. "Bob-bull" (bottle)
5. "nigh-nigh" (night-night)
6. "mmmmo" (more)
7. "please" (well, this one was signed...)
8. "hewoh" (hello)
9. "baw" (ball)
10. mwa! (kiss)

11. Yesterday, Rowan told his sissy "taan-tou" (thank you) when she gave him her sippy cup. Awww....

My list of things I'm thankful for:
1. a warm house
2. smart, healthy kids
3. the bills paid (for the time being)
4. health insurance
5. family so close (and those so far away...)
6. a loving husband who is the best father in the world!
7. food in the cupboard and the refrigerator--and it's not all just mac and cheese!
8. a healthy, working body
9. a sound mind (most of the time...)
10. a good imagination for when things get difficult

11. A loving God who gives me hope through Jesus

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The Werdebaugh Family said...

Really cute list by Ingrid and Rowan! And, I'm glad that there's more than just mac n cheese in your cupboard, too!