Thursday, January 15, 2009

Andrew is home!

We're spending our first day in 3 weeks as a family again!

Andrew got home yesterday. He flew into Reagan National Airport at around 12:30pm. After teaching music class at Sacred Meadow Montessori Preschool, I drove to DC and met him at baggage claim looking tired but really good. He was feeling all healthy from his diet of rice and vegetarian meals and was going to be really ready to sleep when he was supposed to go to sleep (which is difficult because days and nights are flipped between here and India...).

We drove toward home, but stopped at the Hagerstown Outlets to eat a nice meal, catch up, and find him some new work clothes since his pants were all too big (they had been for a while, but now they REALLY are...) and we were at the outlets! :) It was nice to have him to myself for a while before heading home to the kids and the rest of the family... We had time to catch up a little on the kids, his work, and what we had been thinking during the past 3 weeks.

He has several stories of things he saw, experienced, and learned. I had so many stories about the kids, and tried to catch him up on all of the new things Rowan had learned to say and do, and how Ingrid had missed him. So good to talk freely--not over the phone in a public place!

So, we headed back to the farm to get the kids, sat around and talked for a couple of hours, Andrew gave some gifts and then headed out to go home... a snow storm! It took us an hour to get home (it usually takes 30-40 minutes)--and after stopping a few times to give Andrew time to wake up (we had to drive both of our cars from the farm...), we finally made it!

This morning, I was supposed to sub, but the snow cancelled school, so here we all are together for the day! It's fun. Poor Andrew is trying to work from home, getting caught up, while he deals with two little the truest sense of the word...truly attached to his heels. He's loving it, though, for the most part... :) And I'm enjoying a little break...

So, all is well. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers! More to come soon...

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