Friday, February 6, 2009

Words, words, words...

After posting yesterday's post, I started to wonder just how many words Rowan knows... I was worried that my estimate of 40-50 words was way off, so Andrew and I listed them out--and I was right on! Here's the list along with his pronunciations:

1. excuse
2. me (together with #1 - "mu-me." - used in context!)
3. hello ("hewo" -- soooo cute!)
4. mama (unfortunately, he's replaced Papa with Mama...hmmm...)
5. bye-bye
6. night-night ("nigh-night")
7. bottle (usually "bob-bull")
8. Bella ("ba-ba" - same as Ingrid used to say!)
9. bites ("bies" - replaced "more")
10. please ("peeeeeees" - usually accompanied by the sign)
11. no
12. yes (so cute--actually sounds like "yes" with a nod of the head)
13. phone ("bone" - but he usually says "hewo" when he sees a phone)
14. juice ("doooos")
15. knock-knock (as in the joke-"kno-knock")
16. Pooh
17. hat (usually says "a-hat" - he's really into hats right now!)
18. Grandad ("dan-dad")
19. Granny ("nee-nee")
20. Elijah ("ijah")
21. Sissy ("iss-iss")
22. Papa ("ba-ba" - with the "b" between a b and a p sound)
23. outside ("ut-sigh")
24. eyes
25. ear ("air")
26. nose ("news")
27. ah-choo!
28. Pee-hew! ("b - hugh")
29. wild
30. west (together with #29 in a song "Wild-wild west" - he sings it all!)
31. Elmo ("mel-mo")
32. on
33. in (sounds a bit like "on")
34. uh-oh
35. shoes (not sure how to write this, but it sounds like all "ssss" with a bit of a lisp. So cute!)
36. push (his favorite thing to do is push things around -- especially if it has wheels!)
37. horse ("howse")
38. baby (as well as yo-baby - his favorite yogurt)
39. paci (sounds like "a-pass" or "patti")
40. read
41. book (together with #40 usually -- sounds like "wee-a-boo")
42. toot-toot (means "train")
43. gentle ("den-too")
44. diaper ("bigh-poo")
45.'s cold! ("'s toll!")
46. table
47. help ("hep!" - usually sounding quite dramatically desperate)
48. rock (as in the rocking chair--he says "wot, wot...wot, wot")
49. Isaac ("eyes-iss")
50. What's that? ("whas-at?")

These are new words from just this morning!
51. lights ("ights")
52. cup ("bup")


Ingrid is starting to read! She recognizes most of our names and several others. She sounds out almost any "at" word and can read some other words (not just memorized) in the story "Green Eggs and Ham." She can count to 20, too! Next is working on writing her name and how to spell it by herself... I'm sure it won't take long... :)

I'm so proud of my kids. They're just really good people...

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