Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our New Little Arrivals!

We've got a Mama Robin who has made a nest on our front porch light. She's sweet. She bounces around in our yard and sings to us from her cozy little spot. We've been pretty sure she's sitting on eggs. She flies away if Andrew and I come around, but the kids don't seem to bother her. She lets them play around wherever they want, but she keeps her eye on Andrew and I. It's been great having her there. She feels like a pet, although we try to leave her alone as much as we can, and opening and closing the door as carefully as possible, so as not to scare her too much. We leave the light turned off, too... :)

Yesterday, Andrew and the kids were playing outside as I came home from voice lessons. We were watching our Mama fly back and forth from the nest, marveling at her deftness, guessing which tree she would fly to next.

Andrew said sadly that he saw one of the little blue eggs broken on the porch that morning....but he didn't see a yolk--

He stopped in mid-sentence and smiled as he hushed me from sighing...

From the top of the light, in the cozy little nest, we heard the faintest "cheep, cheep"! We have babies at our house!

What a cool thing to think our family's energy would attract a nesting Mama Robin and her chicks! It warms my heart. Easter is more than a story. It's a way of life... Thank you Lord, for this very tangible reminder of that.

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