Wednesday, July 11, 2007

4th of July at the Nelson's!

We started a tradition at the Nelson's for at least as long as we live at the lake... Independence Day at our house! Ingrid played in her little pool out back in the festive red, white, and blue bikini that Grandma Camera sent her for the occasion. The rest of us hung out where we had a "cook-out" on our front porch on our tiny electric grill that Granny and Grandad bought at a yard sale and everyone ate grilled sausages and chips and tea and iced coffee and beer bread and dip and pound cake with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream! Boy, was it good!!!
We kept the Weather Channel on the TV all evening as we watched thunderstorms threaten the area, each of us betting whether or not they would cancel the fireworks for that night... Just when it looked like the storms were coming upon us, the fireworks started across the lake -- and we had front row seats on our front porch! You couldn't get a better view of the pyrotechnics! It began to really rain during the show, but the fireworks kept going off!
We stayed outside until we were all a little wet from the blowing rain (except Elijah, who was REALLY wet from playing in the rain...), and then we hung out for a while longer as the traffic cleared out of the area (in Deep Creek, you can't move on the road for about an hour after the fireworks...). Then, people went home and Andrew and I were left to munch on leftovers and watch TV while our caffeine from the iced coffee and Mountain Dew wore off. It was a fun, fun time. We can't wait until next year!!

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Mommysis said...

We are planning to attend your annual fireworks party!! I wonder what new recipes we will want to try next year! Can't wait!