Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tiffy Leaves for Taiwan!

Our Taiwanese sister, Tiffany Tzu-Ting Hung, who was living with my parents since before Christmas, left us for Taiwan on June 28th. While we were sad to see her go (and I'm still explaining to Ingrid why "Tiffy" left to go see her Mama in Taiwan and she's not at the farm anymore...), we're glad she's back with her family at home.

She and Ingrid became really good friends while she was here. Ingrid now calls her dolls "wah-wahs" like Tiffany taught her ("wah-wah" is baby in Chinese...). She also sings "O Happy Day" like Tiffy sang in show choir EVERY time we get into Mama's car. She calls it "O Happy Day -- Tiffy's song."

We loved learning from and living with Tiffany while she was here.

We love you, Tiffy! We hope that if you come back to the US to study, you'll come to see us LOTS!!!

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Mommysis said...

great pictures elizabeth! Does Tiffy have this address? Love ya mommysis