Friday, October 26, 2007

O Lord, Our Lord, How majestic is thy name through all the earth...

(My parents' farm)

Glorious autumn in West Virginia! How I missed these colors and the cool autumn air and the bright, warm sunshine! I'm so glad Ingrid and Rowan get to include this in their childhood memories.

The family took a trip to Spruce Knob (the highest point in WV...) to catch the view of the spectacular flash of autumn. Here's what we brought back with us (along with a song in our hearts...):


Lance and Heather said...

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Gina said...

THEN SINGS MY SOUUULLLL, MY SSAVIOR GOD TO THEEE!! That song will always be in my head when I look at those West Virginia mountains. Gotta love 'em.

Love and miss,
Gina (Will, and Rodney)

Erin Kinzel said...

Lizzie!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad to have found you in cyberspace!! Do you have a facebook profile? If you do I'll have to add you as a friend - I have tons of pictures of my little one (Kaitlyn) on my profile. I tried keeping a blog, but it's just not something I can keep up with at this point so I gave up on it. :-D

Anyway, I loved seeing your family pictures! And the pics of WV reminded me of our college roadtrip. You know, the one where I drove us an hour in the wrong direction? ;-) Your blog will officially go into my favorites so I can come back and visit often.

Hugs and Kisses -
Erin (Helmuth) Kinzel