Monday, August 25, 2008

What Would Jesus Do?

So, Andrew was feeding the kids tonight while I was in Cheat Lake doing a Kindermusik class. He was busy feeding Rowan in his high chair, leaving Ingrid to eat her dinner beside him independently as usual in her booster seat.

At one point, Andrew looked over at Ingrid and saw her licking her pink Care Bears placemat. He told her not to lick her placemat. Big kids don't lick their placemats.

She said, "Yes they do. Big kids lick their placemats all the time!"

Andrew said to name one big kid that licks his placemat.

Ingrid said, "Jesus."

Andrew said, "Are you telling me that Jesus licks his placemat when he eats?"

Ingrid--without batting an eye--said, "Yes. Jesus told me to do it," and continued licking her placemat.

Seriously, I have no idea where that came from. Truly and honestly.

All I can say is, "Jesus, help us."


The Werdebaugh Family said...

oh lizzie, that is TOO funny! You are surely going to have your hands full when she becomes a teenager!!!

The Speakman Family said...


Bridget said...

This made Joe and I laugh outloud! What a smart little lady you have on your hands - and at such a young age. Scary! :)

Erin K. said...

Oh my. I used to blame things on my imaginary friends when I was little, but this puts a whole new spin on things!