Tuesday, December 25, 2007

7 Things You Never Knew About Elizabeth Nelson...

Gina Malone "tagged" me a while back to list 7 things about myself that not everyone knows. Since I've never been good at this, I hope you're not too bored...or choose things everyone already does know...at any rate, here's how it works:

The theme: 7 random facts about me
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1) I hate afternoons. Some people hate mornings (they're not my favorite, but after about 9:00, I'm usually OK to go). I've also found out that caffeine does wonders in the morning. But I hate the afternoons from about 1:00pm until about 6-7 in the evening. I wish I could just sleep. That's usually when my sleep deprivation leaves me groggy, apathetic, and impatient. I used to take naps at this time when Ingrid napped, however, with 2 kids now, naps are a distant memory. I've taken to just hating the afternoon.

I love nights. Usually, if I can get past midnight, I am at my most creative, productive, and philosophic self. Especially if I've had caffeine after 8pm! (It's 1:00am on Christmas Eve...I'm writing this after cleaning and scrubbing the kitchen!)

2) I liked being a waitress. When I was single and had no kids (and didn't mind the ever-changing schedule), I was a waitress. I liked it a lot. I liked serving people. I also liked sharing stories and finding common ground with the people I served. It was like there was no threat because I would probably not see them again on a regular basis, so I didn't feel so introverted. I would have to agree with the song from the musical _Working_ where the waitress said that it's a "one-woman show." I guess I felt like it was a part I played.

3) I had never seen The Christmas Story movie (with Ralphie...) until I went to college. I watched all of the other classic Christmas shows like the stop-animation Rudolph and the cartoon Frosty, but never seen The Christmas Story. Now, I love it and hope to show it to my kids when they're old enough to sit through a movie.

4) This is the first Christmas in 11 years that I haven't had to travel home for Christmas. It's great. It's also the first Christmas EVER that I've had a full-sized Christmas tree that was mine. I never bothered with it before because I was always gone for 1-2 weeks for Christmas. It's nice to have it even though I don't have enough lights to make it glow like it should... It's mine. And it's beautiful.

5) I got my first gray hairs this year. They're right where my hair parts next to my forehead. Always before, I colored my hair because I don't like my natural color. Now, I'm coloring it to cover gray. Seems like child #2 did it to me. Oh well...

6) I can cross my left pinkie toe over my left ring toe without touching it. It's funny. It looks like it has a mind of its own. I'm sure Andrew would say that it's an evolutionary thing. I just used it in 4-H camp for challenges around the campfire. (Another thing you might not know is that I was in 4-H from 3rd grade until I went to college. I even showed a sheep!)

7) I hate apples, bananas, pears, and most tropical fruits. I'll eat just about ANY vegetable, but I have a hard time with fruits. I hate it when people ruin perfectly good food dishes by putting apples in them...like salads and cookies and bars and pies. :)

So, there you go. I don't know anyone that wasn't already tagged that has a blog except these people, so they're the ones I'm going to tag. I tag Rebecca, Mom, Kim Thorn, and Sarah Walseth.

Oh, by the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! You'll be seeing pics as soon as I can post them. Santa is bringing Ingrid a "pretend kitchen" and some things to go along with it. (Thanks to my older sister and brother-in-law who re-painted their girls' old play kitchen...it might have been a disappointing Christmas without that wonderful gift...and also to her grandparents in Minnesota who are also partly Santa this year...) We've put it in front of the tree and spread out the few gifts we've gotten her so it looks like there's a lot of them. I think she's going to flip out! How fun... :)

Anyway, I hope your Christmas is filled with all that is meaningful and that Jesus has arrived in your life in a new way this year. Our love to everyone!

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