Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008!

I'm going to be a woman of few words...well, written ones anyway, since a picture is worth at least a thousand....So what does that make a video worth? :) Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Nelsons (even though the date still says the 31st at the top of the post...)!

Here's Ingrid as she found her new "pretend kitchen." I don't think it was exactly what she pictured...I think she thought "pretend" meant "imaginary." It took her a while to realize that it was hers and that she could keep it and play with it. So cute. So many things you can't anticipate as a parent. Next year, however, I think she'll understand it much better. This year was a warm-up for Mom and Dad... :)

Her new ear-warmer from Gramma Camra that matches her little fuzzy leopard print coat! NOTE: She also got white gloves that have the same kind of trim... :)

She LOVES these paint-with-water books! This one was from Wish Bear...aka Gramma Camra...Guess what we did after opening the presents? You guessed it! Made a wonderful watery mess painting all the Care Bears, naming them as we went along.

And...this is what Rowan did until about 10:30am. He didn't seem to care that he had a new teething rattle, a little outfit, and some new Winnie the Pooh pacifiers under the tree...


We had quite a spread of junk food/drinks and a school of children for New Year's this year. Tame, but nice to be among family. Next year maybe we'll scale it up a bit... :)

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The Speakman Family said...

Happy New Year! I'm sorry we couldn't spend it together, but I feel sure that each of our families were where we were supposed to be. Many years to come - I love you!