Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A New Crib for Rowan!

This was a post that I tried to publish on Wednesday, but it wouldn't work. Now, it's Saturday and the post still says Wednesday...hmmm... Anyway, here's what I've got for ya'!

Gramma Camra has done it again! For Christmas, Rowan got a new crib mattress to go with his crib set she bought him this summer. He slept in it (lulled to sleep by the fishy mobile that plays music as it projects swirling stars on the ceiling and makes the fishies go in circles...fancy!) this morning for a nap--until his sister woke him up... It brightens up the room, too! Thanks, Gramma Camra!

Speaking of little Rowan, we took some Christmas pics the other night (if you would like us to send you a Christmas card, please e-mail me your address if you think we don't have it). Here's one of Rowan in his little santa hat talking with his Papa...

Thursday, we headed to Charleston to accompany Rebecca to Brian's Police Academy graduation!!! We are so proud of Uncle B. We were so proud to see him in his uniform and see him march with the others and hear the cadences they had to learn...just to see a little bit of what he's been doing these past 16 weeks. Now, he's home for a 5 day break! The Fairmont police department gave him next Mon, Tues, and Wed off! What a blessing! Say a small prayer for him, though, because Brian's diabetes has taken a bit of a toll on him during this stressful time. His sugar count has been really high lately, but we're sure that now that he's home, they'll be able to get that under control. I'll post pics of that as soon as I can.

I'll leave you with a short, uneventful video of Ingrid and Andrew playing in the snow. It's very apparent that Ingrid is a Minnesota baby. She played so long out in the snow that Andrew had to come in to take a break! She cried and pouted the whole time they were inside warming up. Silly kid. :) That's my Minnesota baby! Needless to say, Rowan and I watched from the window in the toasty warm house and made hot cocoa to warm them up when they came in!

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