Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Big Birthday Weekend!

Welcome, Rowan Erik Nelson! He graced the world with his presence on Sunday, September 9, 2007 at 9:07am. He weighed 7lbs, 2oz and measured 22 inches long (an unheard of length in my family of short people!)! He went 2 weeks longer in utero than Ingrid, so we aren't having many of the post-natal problems we did with his sister. He is a very mellow, "zen" baby, only crying when he's hungry, and only then enough to get our attention. In fact, he cried once the entire time we were in the hospital when they gave him his vitamin K shot. He barely even made noise during his circumcision! Of course, it could be that he just had the best midwife and nurse team in the world taking care of us. The team at Preston Memorial Hospital is just amazing. We feel so lucky to have had them assist us in bringing him into the world! He came so fast that midwife Cindy ran in the door just as his head emerged, and ran to the birthing tub in time to catch him and lay him on his mama's chest. My water broke at 3am and he was born by 9am! An intense, but short labor! Just like Cindy said it would be!

Rowan has some light-ish hair, though not as much or as dark as his sister did when she was born. It's my favorite thing to rub his velvety head...his hair is so soft!! He's got puffy lips and pretty blue eyes. His cheeks aren't as big as Ingrids were, but he's got a few more rolls on his legs and arms than Ingrid did. His birth was a natural water birth, and we truly believe that the lack of drugs before and during birth has been a big component in his ability to breastfeed and his mama's recovery. Aunt B was present at his birth, and soon he was surrounded by loving family and friends at Preston Memorial Hospital in Kingwood, WV. Ingrid was our native-born Minnesotan, and Rowan is our native-born West Virginian! How perfect is that?!
Ingrid is a fascinated big sister, to be sure! She wants to touch him all the time...her favorite phrases are "He's so cute!" and "Ohhh, his head is so soft..." and "He's happy!" We knew she was an active kid before the baby was born, but it's even more apparent now. She's so good about going away from the baby to bounce and jump and twirl so that she gets "busy," so that's a good thing. She and Andrew came home from the hospital, though, with killer colds, so Rowan and I have kind of quarantined ourselves a little up in the bedroom for the time being. Tonight, Granny and Grandad are coming over and bringing dinner and groceries. That will be nice. Uncle B had to miss Rowan's birth because he had to get back to the police academy where he is during the week, but we're hoping for a visit from him this weekend. We have a couple of doctor's appointments this week, but otherwise, we're just going to lay low at our "new house," as Ingrid calls our place in McHenry. Life is good, God is faithful!!!

We started out the weekend with Ingrid's birthday on Friday! She is 2! We had a nice day as a Nelson family that day, but on Saturday, the whole Wotring-Nelson-Britner clan went to Aunt B and Uncle B Speakman's house for an extended family birthday party! We had so much fun. Mama made Ingrid a Cinderella princess cake, Aunt B made her famous veggie lasagna, and all the kids played out on Aunt B's big back porch. What a wonderful day! Ingrid got several books, new shoes, a homemade baby doll quilt and pillows made by her Wotring cousins and Aunt Melissa, and a Dora lamp from Aunt B and Uncle B. It was a great family time for Ingrid before the baby came. We were very glad that the kids have their own birthdays, however, we're sure they'll be having a double party with the family every year. That's Ok, though, because our family is really good at throwing great parties!!! :)

Aunt B (Rebecca, Elizabeth's younger sister) is the other pregnant lady in this picture, taken the day of Ingrid's birthday party. Her baby, Isaac, is due on Nov. 2! We are so totally excited for his birth!!! It will be fun to see the two boys playing together! Uncle B (Brian) is going to be away at the police academy for the next 15 weeks, coming home on the weekend. He should be allowed home for Isaac's birth, but will have to report back to the academy after a day or so. Please keep them in your prayers as they deal with separation anxiety and logistics about the birth and the first few weeks post-partum. Of course, Aunt B will see lots of us, but it's a poor substitute for a husband. We're proud of Uncle B, though, in his willingness to provide a better future for his family. Way to go, Uncle B!!! We're praying for you!

Life is good here, and we will try our best to get new pics up every few days, as babies change so quickly. Keep us up to date, too, on your families! We love you!


Grama Camra said...

He is beautiful -God's blessings all around you. Auntie B is next and little Isaac will be a great buddie for both of them. Ingrid's birthday looked like a blast - darling cake.

Thank goodness for blogs- I feel almost there with,
Grma Camra

IrishMommy said...

Praise God for the short labor and healthy baby boy! Congratulations and welcome Rowan Erik.
The Johnson's

Gina said...

Oh my goodness, he is soooo beautiful!!!! I couldn't be happier for you guys. Let's talk soon (when things calm down for you). Love, hugs, and kisses!