Sunday, September 30, 2007

Catching Up...

So much has been going on here! With the early arrival of Isaac, visiting Aunt B, going to the Preston County Buckwheat Festival (county fair), and Sunday drives with the family, I've got lots to show you! I'm not going to expand too much, but I'll give you commentary as I post the pictures.

First, the day before Isaac was born, our family decided to go on one of our Sunday drives. We tend to do that in the fall when the temperatures aren't as hot and the leaves are starting to turn. To an outsider, it might be a boring tradition, but we love to drive around with no real agenda, ending up somewhere like a campsite where we skip rocks in the creek and eat a picnic dinner and then take the back roads home. We sure can fill up an entire afternoon and evening doing nothing, the Wotrings... :) But that's sort of what you do in the mountains of West Virginia on a late September Sunday evening. And I love it.

This past week, Andrew went to Ohio to present a workshop at a national conference about the social skills clubs he and his co-workers have formed to serve families of kids with Aspberger's and Autism. He said it went extremely well (Ingrid and Rowan and I didn't get to go...) and enjoyed doing it. He loved the conference and got to meet some important people. Here's the listing of their workshop at the conference and his friend Richard and co-worker Peggy. They've since been invited to present their workshop at a couple of other conferences! Also, Andrew has finished his book on the same subject and has submitted it to a publisher for review. We'll keep you posted on how that goes, too! We're so proud of Papa!

This weekend was also our county fair. We always go to the parades and then go see the animals and the crafts at the fair grounds. Ingrid loved the goats the best. We spent some time supporting the local volunteer fire departments by buying their good food! We watched the parades with Aunt Anita and Uncle Phil (or Uncle Full, as Ingrid calls him...) and their kids. Ingrid and Elijah had a good time. She was especially impressed with the cartoon characters that were in the parade. She couldn't believe that she saw Dora and Boots on Friday night and Minnie and Mickey on Saturday! She and Mama marched with the bands and danced when the drumlines did their thing. What fun! We came away with full tummies and aching feet, just like you're supposed to after the fair. :)

Finally, I have to show you the pictures of Isaac and Rowan's first meeting. Isaac got to come home yesterday (Saturday) and we brought food to Bec's and Brian's. It was fantastic because Brian has been at the Police Academy all week since Isaac was born, but he waited until Brian came home this weekend to gain enough weight and eat enough to let his daddy take him home! It was wonderful.

Anyway, this was the first time that Rowan and Isaac had met. Next to Isaac, Rowan looks like a giant! But in their matching outfits, they couldn't be cuter (we didn't plan this outfit thing... however, I'm sure it is only the first of many times they'll be dressed alike :) )! We put them together in the crib and watched them interact. Rowan started making noises and Isaac actually opened his eyes to look at Rowan! Then, Isaac rolled to his side to face Rowan and put his hands in Rowan's face. In a minute, Rowan had Isaac's hand in his mouth! It was so cute. They're going to be fast friends, I hope. Even though Isaac is not even 5 lbs, he's a fiesty little thing. I can just see him giving Rowan a run for his money. I can just imagine all the trouble they'll be getting into in the coming years... ;)

This week, Rowan and I are going to go to Isaac's first doctor's appointment with Becca, since Brian is back at the academy. Ingrid will probably go to the farm and spend some time with Aunt Anita since Mama is not very good yet at handling them both in public... Send your prayers up for Becca and Brian at this transition time. I can't imagine how scary it must be to have a baby that isn't 5 lbs yet who has been in the intensive care unit come home and all of a sudden be completely your responsibility. Becca's doing well so far, but there are all kinds of anxieties that come along with a preemie... But I'm not too far away, and I'm so thankful that I get to be such a big part of this journey with them. God is good. :)

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